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Who We Are

We are a people of extravagant welcome . Our congregation includes people from many backgrounds and beliefs who are united in our love for Jesus, care for each other, and dedication to our community. At our church, everyone is welcome without exception. We believe that God’s radically inclusive love excludes no one. We believe that all people are created in the image of God and that all people are of sacred worth. We believe that the full inclusion of ALL God’s people in every aspect of the church recognizes and celebrates the diversity of God’s creation. We are a church where it is safe to disagree about important things and still remain united in love. We have diverse perspectives on faith and are committed to walking our faith journeys together. No matter who you are or where you come from, you are always welcome at

Burr Ridge Community Church.

We are a church for the community.


What we mean by that is that we are for the flourishing of our community. We are a church that exists to serve and love our neighbors. If we could partner with you in some way to bring flourishing in or through you, please reach out to us!


We are a small, but mighty, church that believes our greatest asset is our heart for God and each other. We love to be in community with each other. We believe our mission is to bring our community together – with God and with others.


We are a church united around mission and relationship, not doctrine. Wherever you are in your journey towards God, you are welcome here. We do not want to control your journey; we just want to travel with you as companions. We believe that our call to love our neighbor is more important than differences of theological understanding. We believe our unity makes our diversity constructive.


We are a church of extravagant welcome. We believe that God welcomes us extravagantly and we seek to do the same. Jesus never turned anyone away and neither do we.


We are a part of the United Church of Christ. We are grateful to be rooted in the UCC. We changed our name to Burr Ridge Community Church because we believe that although we remain United Church of Christ, our mission and call is to be a church for the community. Everyone is welcome to worship here regardless of denomination.


Rev. Alicia Reese, Pastor

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