Burr Ridge Community Church serves the community in various ways through ministries and groups within the church. Burr Ridge Community Church works to identify ways we can give back through volunteer opportunities or financial giving. 

For questions regarding our ministries, please email office@brucc.org

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Family Fest & Rummage Sale 2022

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Our church will benefit from your shopping Amazonsmile!


Monthly Birthday Celebrations

 Birthday cake will be served on the last Sunday of each month honoring those with birthdays that month.

Come and enjoy one of

Mark Malak's delicious cakes!

General Fundraiser For Our Church

In this challenging year full of uncertainties, we want to thank you for your continued support of your church,

Burr Ridge Community Church.

We are launching a fundraising effort to aid in the general operation of our church,

as well as continued updates to the exterior and interior of our beloved Burr Ridge Community Church.

Despite the hardships of the pandemic, we continue to joyfully and safely worship. We are also moving forward with programs and continue on a course to update and beautify Burr Ridge Community Church.  Just recently we completed our parking lot resurfacing project and the staining of our church.


August 18th

September 15th


15W100 Plainfield Rd.
Burr Ridge, IL


6:30 pm

In the lounge on the third Thursday of the month.

Women's Wellness


Beverages will be provided. If you would like to bring a snack to share with the group, that would be great! If you don’t have time, that’s ok too!


The most important thing is that you come.  Feel free to bring a guest if you have someone you feel could benefit from a night of fellowship, relaxation, and support. 

All conversations are confidential when shared. If you have gone through any emotional or physical hardships, past or present, or have a friend that is going through a trying time, please join us.