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We are an open church. We believe that we are guests in God's house and that as such our goal is to act as gracious hosts on His behalf. It is not our job to define your faith for you but rather to help you find the faith within yourself. We would like to be a source of encouragement for your faith and relationship with God.


We are the community church of Burr Ridge, a church intent on providing the very special warm feelings of fellowship experienced in a small church, and the energy and resources of a large church. As such, we minister to our congregation and our community at large. Please reach out if we can minister to you in some way. Please see our “Who We Are” page for more information on our mission and call.


Come join us in word, song, and sacrament as we celebrate the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord. See our “Worship Services” page for more information.

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